Busy year for photographic club

THERE is much in the new decade for member of Stalybridge Photographic Club to look forward to – interesting talks, practical demonstrations and a comprehensive programme of events.

Last year was eventful, culminating in a Christmas social evening when Eddie Leach was announced as both the Print Photographer of the Year and the Digital Projected Image Photographer of the Year. Paul O’Neil received the accolade of the Most Improved Photographer of the Year.

Eddie Leach receives 2019 POTY award from Chairman Keith Rawsthorne

A raffle was held during the evening and £124 was raised, half of which was handed over to Willow Wood Hospice and the other half was added to the club’s funds.

The meetings in January were a mixture of competitions and practical evenings. There was a Twopenny Challenge in the first session of the new year (it used to be a Penny Challenge, but inflation has bitten).

Members brought along several photographs and these were spread out on tables and everyone present was provided with 10 twopenny pieces. Members chose their preferred photos by placing coins on them and by a series of eliminating rounds, an eventual winner was declared.

Eddie hosted the first critique night of the year which was devoted to image enhancement. Images were edited using software with the results being projected on to a screen for general discussion by members, including Eddie’s tips on how improve them.

He then went on to win both January’s print and projected image competitions which were judged by a guest from a neighbouring photographic club. Also during one of the practical nights members were able to increase their understanding of how to use artificial lighting to produce more pleasing photographs.

The club, a member of the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union, has a full programme for February.

Early in the month they will be viewing and appreciating a portfolio of prints by members of other photographic clubs. There are to be a couple of practical nights, when images will be projected, discussed and suggestions made with a view to increasing their impact. A demonstration of cameras and lenses by a representative of Olympus Imaging will end the February meetings.

The club does not stand still and wants to continue to grow by opening its doors to any would-be or experienced photographers and all those in between and to help one another to expand their photographic horizons and enhance their photographic skills. You can go along any Monday evening.

It meets at St Paul’s Cricket Club, Gorse Hall Road, Dukinfield, except bank holidays, from 8pm-10pm. Membership is £25 annually and £3 each meeting attended – the first three visits are free. You can get in touch by e-mailing contact@stalybridgephoto.org.uk or you can get a flavour of the club at www.stalybridgephoto.org.uk or just turn up.

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