Phone box could be saved after Correspondent gets involved

A HISTORIC red phone box that was earmarked for removal by BT may yet be saved after the Correspondent got involved.

Carrbrook village phone box

Terry Drabble, of the You Can Youth project and Carrbrook Community Hub, hopes to adopt the facility, which lies close to the Buckton Vale Institute on Buckton Vale Road in Carrbrook and move it.

He also wants to install a defibrillator as well as make it the centrepiece of a renovated garden behind the Hub on Broadbent Close.

But he is open to leaving it where it is if the Carrbrook Conservation Committee gets involved.

Now after not hearing anything from the group, the Correspondent put the two in touch – now they may start working together.

“If they’re willing to step in and put a defibrillator in the box while keeping it where it is, that would not upset me at all,” said 73-year-old Terry.

“That way, it would work both ways.

“If they have someone up in Carrbrook Village, who is a first aider and has been taught how to use a defibrillator, then in my opinion it can stay where it is on the understanding that they give a donation towards the garden work.

“I’m willing to withdraw my application if it means the conservation committee makes a donation to the work on the garden

“My idea was that it be brought down to the garden we’re working on and get a defibrillator put in it.

“As far as I know, there isn’t one in the area – George Lawton Hall in Mossley is probably the nearest, which is probably too far away.”

Carrbrook Conservation Committee was told it could not apply to adopt the phone box because it is not a registered charity.

However, You Can is, meaning an application has been made through them.

And ironically, the committee held a meeting on Thursday, January 23 at the Hub.

Terry, who lives on Friezland Close, insists he remains in the dark over the fate of the facility.

He added: “I’ve not heard anything from BT yet. I applied but the conservation committee did not as they could not.

“They did not even explain anything to us. I’m waiting for all the information from them. It’s a shame as the longer it is left it will deteriorate.

“What I’ve been told by people is, ‘We want to keep it up there.’ I wished for the conservation committee to get in touch so we could discuss things.”

After hearing Terry’s story, the Correspondent contacts Logan Charnock, who is secretary of the Carrbrook Conservation Committee.

He promised to get in touch with Terry, raising the prospect of a joint effort to stop the phone box being removed.

And he said: “I personally have been in touch with BT and asked about getting it.

“As the committee isn’t a charity, we can’t do anything. The committee can’t adopt it.”

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